Unique mobilization capability

Headway’s computerized mobilization technology is designed to support the therapist to improve patient treatment outcomes, and to help increase a clinic’s productivity.

Our patented 'Teach and Repeat' technology enables a therapist to tailor a three-dimensional course of treatment. This is then automatically, accurately and gently executed to relieve pain in a wide range of sufferers.

The technology has been successfully applied in our first product the Occiflex – a patented computerized treatment table to relieve chronic neck pain and headache.

The Occiflex can improve patient treatment outcomes by delivering a slower, more accurate and longer-lasting head and neck mobilization than current manual treatments.  

Slower and more precise mobilization can help a patient relax more deeply and limit side effects, such as dizziness and vertigo, that can be caused by the physiotherapy movement itself.

This long, consistent and slow treatment type is impossible to perform through manual therapy as current treatment effectiveness is limited by the manual strength of a therapist.