Patented 'Teach and Repeat' technology

Our unique mobilization capability is delivered through our patented ‘Teach and Repeat’ technology:


  • ‘Teach phase’ – A therapist positions a patient on the Occiflex treatment table and holds the patient's head and neck. The therapist then tailors the desired treatment (range of motion, velocity, duration, etc.) based on a patient’s needs. Sensors record the exact three-dimensional movements and using our sophisticated algorithm the course of the treatment is stored in the Occiflex computer. Recorded movement parameters are fine-tuned by the therapist to build the precise session required.



  • ‘Repeat phase’ – Once programmed, the Occiflex table automatically executes the tailored treatment using the adjustable, ergonomic cradle. Leaving the therapist freely available to help other patients. Upon completion, the therapist can determine future treatment approaches through analyzing the patient’s physiological data that was measured and stored. The Occiflex computer is equipped with a modern and user-friendly display and control.


The Occiflex also has the capability to perform both passive and active-assisted mobilization, supporting a therapist to accurately and expertly treat specific pain types.


Teach 2

Repeat 2