Introducing the Occiflex™

Headway has developed the first computerized treatment table to relieve chronic neck pain and headache – The Occiflex™.

Our patented technology delivers a safe, effective and non-invasive solution that is based on proven physiotherapy principles. The Occiflex enhances a therapist’s treatment toolbox to improve patient treatment outcomes, and can help increase a clinic’s productivity.

The Occiflex uses Headway's unique 'Teach and Repeat' technology. The treatment table mimics the techniques of a manual therapist and enables them to deliver an automated, tailored patient treatment.

As the treatment is now executed without the need of a therapist, the therapist is now empowered to treat other patients simultaneously, and as a result can help increase a clinic's productivity.

Patient treatment outcomes are also improved as the Occiflex computerized treatment table can deliver more accurate and longer-lasting neck mobilization than current manual treatments. Three clinical trials showed pain reduced by 48% over 12 weeks from treatment with the Occiflex1,2.


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2. River Y, Levital T, Belgrade M (2012). Computerized mobilization of the cervical spine for the treatment of chronic neck pain. Clinical Journal of Pain 28(9):790-6.