The Occiflex alleviates chronic neck pain and headaches1,2

Pain reduced by 48% over a 12 week period (combined results from three trials)1,2.Pain was measured using the standard pain assessment scale: the pain VIsual Analogue Scale (VAS).

Cervical Range Of Motion (CROM) significantly increased throughout treatment1,2. This is an important measurement as chronic neck pain and headaches are associated with loss of motion in the cervical neck region.

Neck pain improved as measured through the Neck pain Disability Index (NDI) questionnaire1,2. Over an eight week period, patients felt they were more able to manage in their every day life as a result of an improvement in their neck pain.


Specifically, they felt they were more able to look after themselves, read, concentrate, work, sleep, drive and enjoy more recreational activities.  Pain intensity, and headache severity and frequency, also decreased during the course of the treatment. 

No serious adverse effects or safety events were reported and a state of relaxation was induced. All patients were satisfied with the treatment and wanted to return for more.


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