About Headway

Headway is a medical device company that develops innovative mobilization technologies to empower manual therapists and enhance physiotherapy and rehabilitation treatment.

The first computerized treatment table to relieve neck pain and headache

Headway has developed the first computerized treatment table to relieve chronic headache and neck pain – The OcciflexTM. The Occiflex delivers a safe, effective and non-invasive solution that is based on proven physiotherapy principles. Its patented mobilization technology can help manual therapists increase their clinic productivity and improve patient treatment outcomes.

Patented “Teach and Repeat” technology

The Occiflex uses Headway's unique, patented “Teach and repeat” computerized technology. The treatment table mimics the techniques of a manual therapist and enables them to teach the Occiflex to deliver an automated, tailored patient treatment. As the treatment is now executed without the need of a therapist, the therapist is now empowered to treat other patients simultaneously, and as a result can help increase a clinic's productivity.

Patient treatment outcomes are also improved as the Occiflex computerized treatment table can deliver more accurate and longer lasting neck mobilization than current manual treatments.

Clinical trial success

Headway has successfully completed three safety and efficacy clinical trials, with overwhelmingly positive results1,2. Results were published in distinguished peer-reviewed journals and presented at key conferences.

Pain reduced by 48% and cervical range of motion, an important indicator for improving loss of motion in the cervical neck region, significantly increased over a 12 week period. Furthermore, all patients who took part in the study expressed a desire to be treated again with the Occiflex.

Global strategic partner

The Occiflex invention attracted the global strategic partnership of Enraf Nonius: A global leader in physiotherapy and rehabilitation equipment. Capitalizing on their large global marketing and distribution network, Headway plan's to launch the Occiflex in 2014 into the large physiotherapy and rehabilitation market, valued at more than $1 Billion.

Strong pipeline potential

Headway's pipeline plans are to develop further devices for both the growing professional market (e.g. back pain) and the large home-care market, based on its patented mobilization technology.


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